Studio Legale Ascari

Augusto Ascari graduated in civil law in 1980, and has been registered  on the bar of lawyers since 1985.
After starting his professional  career as the in house lawyer of a multinational ceramic industries, has grown and developed and now focuses privately on the study and subsequent legal advice in the sector of business commerce laws as well as company law, the writing of binding contracts, banking systems and any ensuing litigations in all areas of commercial, corporate and banking, repossession of property and any general credit or debt recovery as well as all aspects of family laws and rights.

Studio Legale Ascari

Rosanna Orlando graduated in civil law in 1989, having passed the bar exam in Venice, and has been enrolled and registered since 1994. She specializes in the study regarding  all aspects involving real estate litigations and all levels regarding family laws and rights.


Matteo Clò,  graduated in law from 2016 and registered with the bar from 2021. During the legal practice he has attended the second level masters degree in tax law at the University of Bologna. He has also written many articles on various  tax matters which have been published.
From 2021 he’s currently attending a PHD course at the University of Bergamo, as well as continuing to collaborate with the law firm carrying out cases in both the field of civil law and tax law.